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no image"Nobody Knows Anything" or "McClintock's Peach" 2000
This stars such complete unknowns as Janeane Garofalo, Mike 
Meyers, and Ben Stiller.

no image"Can't Stop Dancing" 1999
Margaret is JoJo in this film.  This is another one with 

no image"The Tavern" or "Tavern on Jane" 1999 
Margaret plays the role of Carol.

no image"Spent" 1998
Margaret plays Shirley.  This film has lesser known siblings of 
fame:  Richmond Arquette and Rain Phoenix.

Ground Control"Ground Control" 1998 
Margaret plays Amanda.  This film has such big names as Kiefer 

The Rugrats Movie"The Rugrats Movie" 1998
Margaret has a voice appearance as police Lt. Klann.

Face/Off"Face/Off" 1997
Margaret has another minor role as a FBI agent Wanda in this 
film which showcases such mega-stars as John Travolta, Nicholas 
Cage, Gina Gershon, et cetera.  I think my friends and I were 
the only ones laughing and cheering every time Margaret appeared 
in frame, which were usually the most unappropriate moments for 
such behavior!

no image"Pink As the Day She Was Born" 1997 
Margaret plays Donna in this film.  This is girl rock with Nicole 
"Charles was in charge of me" Eggert.

Fakin' Da Funk"Fakin' Da Funk" 1997 
This film has a larger role for Margaret, which I haven't found 
in my local video stores but I have seen it on cable television.  
Margaret's character goes from being very Chinese to very 
hip-hop.  This film has quite a lot of notable actors (Pam Grier 
who needs no intro, Nell "Gimme A Break!" Carter, Ernie Hudson 
of "Ghostbusters" and "The Crow" fame, Tatyana Ali AKA Ashley Banks of 
"The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", Dante Basco who was on "Moesha", Duane 
Martin whom I know best as the cameraman in "Scream 2", Tone Loc--are 
you too young to remember "Funky Cold Medina"?, and so forth).  Not 
enough Margaret content as a Cho fan would like but there are enough 
cameos and messages here in this flick to keep most of your friends 
tuned in.

It's My Party"It's My Party" 1996
Margaret has a big supporting role as faghag Charlene Lee in 
this film, which stars Eric Roberts, now known as Julia's 
brother.  It's a touching movie about a future party of mine.

no image"Sweethearts" 1996
Margaret plays Noreen, a waitress in a coffee house.  The film 
mainly focuses on one night, where a date spawned from an ad in 
the personals goes awry.  Another film that stars Janeane 
Garofalo. (Freaky Cho connection = Margaret moved out of a house 
in LA and the next renter of the room was Garofalo).

The Doom Generation "The Doom Generation" 1995
You can catch Margaret in a minor role in her friend Gregg 
Araki's second film in his "teenage apocalypse" triology.  This 
is film #2 in the series and contains a slew of pop culture 
cameos.  Margaret plays Mrs. Nguyen Kok Suk, wife of a 
convenience store clerk.

Angie"Angie" 1994
Margaret has a minor, minor, minor role in this film, where she 
is credited as 'admissions nurse #2', (the one working the desk 
when Angie's (played by Geena Davis) father and step-mom arrive).

Attack of the 5'2'' Women
"Attack of the 5'2" Women" 1994
Margaret has a minor minor role as reporter Connie Tong who 
freezes her ass off.  This is a film for Julie 'Homecoming Queen 
Got a Gun' Brown fans.

Other Margaret voice appearances:
"The Critic" 1995 - The Pilot episode
"Duckman" 1995 - In the Name of the Father episode

Miscellaneous Margaret appearances:
"The Golden Palace" 1992 - ? episode
(think "Golden Girls" minus Bea 'Maude' 'Dorothy' Arthur).

For future film plans, don't worry, Margaret will be working a lot. Twenty years from now, in every film, she will be the judge.