Character: Mrs. Nguyen Kok Suk,
wife of a convenience store clerk

This film is #2 in Gregg Araki's 'Teenage Apocalypse' trilogy. As always it features James Duval as protagonist. Like film #3 in the series (Nowhere), there are many cameos by pop cultural icons, such as friend of the director, our beloved Margaret.

Cho's appearance is brief but memorable. She comes to the rescue of her husband (think 21 Jump Street) who is watching the convience store when trouble arrives in the form of a rebel and two other teenagers he has taken a liking to. The two teenagers, Amy Blue and Jordan White, are about to purchase $6.66 worth of goodies when they realize they have forgotten their money in the car. The clerk pulls out a shotgun and demands payment.

Enter Xavier Red who decides to be the hero and save their fucking lives. Enter clerk's wife who is not successful in her battle. Her husband's head gets shot off as she receives blood splatter on her face. She looks on in horror and watches the head fly across the store and at her children, who really don't give a shit.

A scene or two later we learn from news on television that Mrs. Nguyen Kok Suk has killed herself and her children in some strange ritual and disembowled them.

Margaret liked making this film because she got to drive home covered in blood.

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