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If you're a mailing list junkie like me then consider joining the Margaret Cho Mailing List. The list is hosted by eGroups.com. If you're not familiar with the site, they are a mailing list hoster. There are many many mailing lists hosted by them, especially since they merged with OneList.com. To subscribe to a list you need to join their site. Unsubscriptions are also handled by them.

Please observe netiquette on the list:
* refrain from posting messages in ALL CAPS
(to the online community it is the equivalent of yelling)
* do not send files (audio/image/video/et cetera) to the list
(egroups.com has an upload space called "Files" for each mailing list we can use instead)
* avoid posting messages in HTML:
do not format (use color, bold, italics, varying font sizes), do not use stationary, do not use a background sound
(why? everyone does not check their email with the same program; your post may be unreadable to others)
* try to avoid posting about unrelated topics
(do not post forwarded mass emails about computer/human illnesses)
* and be courteous, NO FLAMES (bitch wars)

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you on the list!

Founded: February 25, 1999
Members: Over 80
Moderated: No
Volume: Low (high percentage of lurkers)
Archives: Available at eGroups.com
(Un)Subscription Info: Available at eGroups.com