What's new with Margaret?

I bet you missed Margaret on Sesame Street (PBS) on April 11th and 18th!!! It's OK, they will repeat on May 30 and June 6, October 10 and 17, November 28 and December 5. If you miss them all in 2000, well you're fucked now aren't you?

Margaret will receive the Special Honoree Award at GLAAD’s Media Awards--you know, for being slutty. The event will take place on June 3 in San Francisco. Also, Margaret won the MAC award (Manhattan Association of Cabarets & Clubs) this year for Major Female Stand-Up Comedy. The event took place on April 9 in New York City. Margaret did not attend.

Margaret's one woman show, I'm The One That I Want is on tour. What else can I say but go fucking see it, there's still plenty of dates left but the final show will be in New York on June 17--don't miss your chance! I went to the San Francisco show [it was taped for the movie--soon to be released in theatres] and if you want a one word description I'll throw out "killer". If you pay as much attention to Margaret's routines and interviews as I do, then you're not going to get from it anything completely new, but the show is really great to piece everything together comedically and chronologically. If you like a little heart, if you like triumph, then go see the show. In other words, if you only see Margaret live once in your life, make it a show on this tour.

For further comments...There was a reporter sitting at my table who gasped at every downside Margaret talked of. I don't think anyone's heard "oh my god" that many times since Margaret taught Sunday school. When you go to the show, (you are going aren't you?), bring some extra cash if you still haven't bought Margaret Cho Live In Houston. It's well worth it and can still be ordered online at www.goldenrod.com/cho. T-shirts with such classic lines as "Are you gay?", "ASSMASTER", and "Hi, my name is Gwen.." can also be purchased at the show. Unfortunately they were only available in white when I went. (Soon I will upload pictures of what they look like.)

Don't forget to check out www.margaretcho.net for tour dates and the latest Cho news, such as talk of Margaret working on a book for release in fall of 2001.

What's new with the site?

This whole new look silly! If this is your first time here, I am going to draw a big V on your face!

Images and audio from the film Sweethearts is new.

Soon I will be uploading audio/images of Margaret remote hosting at the post Superbowl Politically Incorrect special.

I was able to tape Margaret hosting E's The Gossip Show and I was also able to catch some Margaret on that IMHO wanker show Politically Incorrect (however, this show accidentally got taped over--her hair was faboo, though). I have audio from Margaret's minor role in Attack of the 5'2" Women but the day I attempted to extract video stills from it is the day my video capturing device broke. Unfortunately, the local video store I frequent no longer carries Attack of the 5'2" Women so I can't say how long it will be until this site acquires images from the movie.