"What the fuck is wrong with you?
You fucking cock!"

Thank you for visiting my Margaret Cho site. If you feel the need to express your opinions on it, or desire a forum in which you can discuss all things Margaret, then I have a place for you! It's the Margaret Cho Bulletin Board. Margaret's autograph with her name in Korean that I obtained in San Francisco
You might notice one topic discussed on the board is a Skankin' Pickle song about Margaret. I have it here in RealAudio for you to sample: "It's Margaret Cho" from the Sing Along With Skankin' Pickle album. The song is also included on Margaret's live CD from Houston. (For information on ordering that CD please visit the CD section.) If you would also like to sing along to the song I can provide the lyrics.) The liner notes to the Skankin' Pickle album declare "Also the song Margaret Cho, was initially written for her T.V. show, but the name of the show got changed and we were out of luck. We decided it would be cool to put it on our record."