"You think you're hot shit but you're just cold diarrhea."

I made this page because I didn't notice any Margaret Cho fan pages, (well full scale attacks, see about for further words on this). I only stumbled upon her management's page, whose address was: www.jte.com/jte/margaret.htm. It's highly informative to find out the latest on Margaret and as a Cho TV Guide. However, the site is now at, www.margaretcho.net and is quite spiffy.
Anyway, I make no claim on anything copyrighted. I just wanted to spread the enjoyment and laughter that Margaret and those who work with her have given me, my brother, my one, my friends, and so many others out there.
The title of this Margaret tribute is "Are You There Margaret? It's me, Mariko." Mariko is my name and the title is a play on words taken from the classic children's book by Judy Bloom entitled Are you there God? It's me, Margaret. (Which, for the record, I have never read and will probably never read.)
taichi master