modfuckexplosion Character: Smack
Director: Jon Moritsugu
Filmed: 1992
Released: 1994
"Mod Fuck Explosion Mod Fuck Exploitation"
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Jimmy's role in the film is a very minor character named Smack of the Japanese biker gang. His total appearance time on screen is minimal with the best shot being a five second closeup. His name is never uttered in the film.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:
  1. Mod Fuck Explosion Theme
  2. Zim-Zum
  3. London's Theme
  4. In The Garden
  5. Northwest Territory
  6. Unrest Incidental Piece
Karyo Tengoko
  1. Hiroshima
  2. Chuin Gammu
  3. Freaky Chick
  4. James Dean
  5. Soul Brother
  6. Moto-Cancer
  7. Dragonfly
  8. Here We Come