2002: Frog-g-g
2001: The Doe Boy
Donnie Darko
2000: Gone in 60 Seconds
This is How the World Ends (MTV pilot)
1999: Go
S.L.C. Punk
The Weekend
1998: The Clown at Midnight
Alexandria Hotel (RYE series)
Wild Horses AKA Lunch Time Special
1997: Stamp & Deliver [never completed]
How To Make The Cruelest Month
1996: A River Made To Drown In
Independence Day
The United States of Poetry:
"Two Whores (1 to 4 a.m.)" (PBS series)
1995: The Doom Generation
1994: Mod Fuck Explosion
1993: Totally F***ed Up
1992: Ambush Of Ghosts